Follow These Tips For Having Fun at Your Family Photography Session and Get the Most out of Your Family Photoshoot.

If you and the kids are feeling happy and having fun it will show in your photos! Simple as that really but let me clue you in on a few ways you can make this happen on the day. As well as having well fed and happy children (read more on this here) you can also help them enjoy the session and creating some great candid moments by engaging them in some fun activities to bring out those smiles.

Here are my top tips for showing the fun side to your family in front of the camera:

  • Get the laughter rolling with some silly jokes or if your children are really little they will love it if you get down to their level and pull funny faces or threaten to tickle them. The trick here is to stand behind the photographer or get down as close to the camera as possible so their expression can be captured by the photographer from the right angle.
  • Giggles and unrehearsed smiles that light up faces are GOLD and I put that in capitals to emphasise the fact that there is a huge difference between a real smile and a fake one! A genuine smile will show in the eyes and a fakey will look well.. fake.
  • Brush up on your knock knock jokes or better yet think back to when you were a child and try and remember a funny schoolyard song that you can pull out and show your children that you were once cool too. Dazzle them with your wit!
  • Get close to them and show them how much they mean to you. A good old fashioned bear hug, squeeze them tight and tell them you are never going to let them go… this one always works for a great response. While you are at it give them an eskimo kiss with your nose or blow a raspberry kiss on their cheek. Guaranteed for some great interactive shots.
  • Play a game. Probably the most obvious one but still worth a mention. Some great games to play are chasey, piggy back rides, throw them in the air, let them chase you and tackle you to the ground…and once they have pinned you down get them back by tickling them! I could give you a hundred potential games to play but by now I’m sure you are inspired enough to run with this one.
  • Bring some novelty items such as bubbles, balloons, glitter, soccer ball, ribbons, bells or anything else you can think of that be incorporated into a game. Another great idea is to bring some treasure for a treasure hunt, some of the best photos come from thinking outside the box.

So there you have it, a little bit of inspiration to get you thinking about what goes on at a photo shoot and how you can get the most out of your session by making it fun for the whole family. I hope I have tickled your imagination and I can’t wait to hear what you come up with for your session.

As always, I love being inspired by others so please feel free to post your thoughts and ideas in comments below or contact me to discuss your family photography session.

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