Teen Photography

Senior Graduation • Junior High Graduation • Sweet Sixteen

Thank you so much for taking photos of me, to capture what a crazy but beautiful person I am, you did such a lovely job, the finished job was absolutely breath taking- my family loved it, my friends loved it and I loved it. I think you did a fantastic job at helping us to prepare for the shoot, it was a great idea to go with themed outfits such as casual and classy. You did an amazing job to make it feel as professional as it gets and there is no doubt that I would do it again. My favourite part of the photo shoot was having a laugh while creating the photo shoot. You did an unbelievable job at making me as well as my sister beautiful. Your skills really are wonderful.


(age 16)

An Experience Never To Be Forgotten!

A trend that is becoming very popular in Australia. The senior portrait is a completely different realm to your children and family portrait sessions because this is all about them. A celebration of who they are now. Just think, soon your child will be an adult and will never look at the world in the same light again.

We live in a world of digital imagery, so much emphasis on “selfies”, and populating the internet with fashionable photos of ourselves, which is why it’s so much fun create artistic and timeless photos to mark this time of life. Images that show personality and flair. We will work together (you can have as much creative input as your like) to create some impressive pictures worthy of showing off.

For so many teenagers, this era is filled with so many milestones, perhaps their last year of high school and even their last year at home before they leave for university. No longer under your wing, ready to take on the future!

Documenting this transition between child and adulthood with professional photography is one way of ensuring you will never forget who are they RIGHT now.