Get over yourself!


There I said it and yes, I’m ready to take my own advice! That might sound a bit harsh but if you avoid being in photos with your family then maybe you deserve a friendly kick in the butt? Don’t be offended, this is exactly what I would say to my best friend and let me explain why.  A while back I noticed that I had a million photos of my family and guess who was missing in 99% of them? Of course it was ME. I felt like a tragedy had happened and there was nothing I could do! I had to stop this from happening again. The solution was simple…I really need to get over myself and jump in front of the camera more.

SO we had a family photoshoot with VAMM Creative! Here is the result… I can list out the things I don’t like about myself in these photos but I still love them and I can’t wait to do it again!


As a family photographer I hear Mums making excuses as to why they are not going to be in the picture? Its always a different variation of “I need to lose some weight” or “My hair is not washed” or “I’m not feeling very confident at the moment” or “I don’t have anything nice to wear”.

There are only a handful of photos of myself with my 2 boys and most of them I’m looking pretty average but they are still precious to me. There are heaps with Dad doing ‘stuff’ with the kids. Oh yes, the fun times with Dad will never be forgotten! *Sigh*

Can you relate to this image? There are so many reasons to get in front of the camera and just be yourself.I think many of you are nodding your head right now, because you’re guilty of this too? I hear it all the time and not just professionally either. I hear it at mothers group, I hear it at the school sports carnival and I even hear it at kids birthday parties!

So Mum’s please get over yourself, if you have the opportunity to get your photo taken with your kids… DO IT! Get in the picture and love it. Love this moment and be happy that this moment is now going to live forever. No-one looks at photos of you and sees your imperfections like you do and one day, trust that your kids and grandkids will thank you for simply being there.

While I’m at it…  Dad’s grab the camera at every opportunity and snap away!

Even better… Teach your kids to use the camera and show them how to compose a picture. Start with the simplest instructions like “Make sure our heads in the photo” and “Try and keep your hands still when you click the button”.

Have fun looking at your holiday snaps with them and teach them the value of capturing the memories.

Don’t let your vanity get in the way another perfect memory. I won’t be!

Kerry Schultz Photography_You Are Perfect Image


My Story

Let me share my story: The moment of realisation came to me as it was coming up to the anniversary of my Mothers death and I had the idea that I was going to make a photo book in memory of her. While I was looking through the limited amount of photos I had in my collection of the two of us together it got me thinking about this ridiculous behaviour from a daughters perspective. I was sitting there wishing I had more photos of us. Photos of the 2 of us sitting around in our pyjamas, playing, eating, cooking together and just being silly. In fact I wish I had more photos of my Mum full stop.

My Mum is gone. She suddenly died at the age of 44 and I regret that as time passes I find it hard to recall her laugh sometimes or that silly expression she used to get on her face when she was scolding me. As I get older these memories fade more and more and the only thing I have left is the photos. When I look at all the pictures I have of her, I go back in time and those memories come flooding back. When I see her laughing in a photo I remember that exact moment like it was yesterday. I can promise you that she doesn’t care about how she looks in those photos anymore but to me she looks just perfect!

Photo of my Mum and I

A precious memory. One of the rare photos I have of my Mum and I together x